Our New Website

It’s finally here!
Our bling-bling spanky new website.

After 18 months of mad parties and having a great time, we’ve decided to finally do some work… ;-)
Our aim was to bring all the information about Electrikk Chair to one place (oh, but wait… is it not the idea behind every website? ah yes… whatever), it was a pain in the arse to send a billion links to everyone to show our awesomeness, saying “on this page are our videos, here are our sets and there are pictures, oh and we have got a Facebook Page as well…”, or it’s maybe because when we started Electrikk Chair, we didn’t expect that it will do so well, that people will wait for the next Electrikk Chair impatiently, that we became the most recognizable Electro night in Bournemouth?
Regardless of the reasons, we finally DID it! It took us a while, a few brainstorms and couple of late nights,
but IT’S ALIVE… MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (thunderbolts and lightnings in background).

So take a click around (don’t break anything! ;-) ), subscribe to our newsletter for tons of goodies that we prepared for You in the future, and of course see you on the dancefloor!

P.s: do not hesitate to drop us a message with your feedback.


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